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Residential:  Remodels 

Confidence that the design for your home will be superior.

Our residential work includes new residences and renovations of homes from Lugano, Switzerland to Long Beach California.  From Salt Boxes and contemporary homes in Cape Cod to Lofts in Denver.  From Colorado suburban farmhouses to mountain homes and cabins, and California beach cottages.  


At John Buchanan Design Associates - Architecture we are committed to creating spaces to inspire the human spirit. 

We focus our work with each of our clients on creating unique, outstanding designs for homes that are remarkable and delightful to live in.  

Your home is a reflection of what is important to you-- a place of refuge, a place of activity - family, friends.  A place that is intimate.  A place that invites entertainment.  A place that connects you to the beauty of the site - be it urban or rural.  it can be one, many or, all of these.  

Your home is a place that fulfills you and your dreams.  Your home is an environment that draws you to it and generates for you a sense of satisfaction when you are there. 

We believe the design of your home is a collaborative process. 

Our goal is to have your experience of designing and building your home be engaging and fun.  We take a holistic approach to the design of your home and You are central to the process - your wants, needs, and desires.  As you and I begin to develop the design for your home, we will be building a team that is best for your project that includes you, me, and design collaborators such as, but not limited to, interior designers, landscape architects and structural and electrical engineers.  

Our clients are people who value the comfort and quality of well designed homes that are a fit for their lifestyles.  

This project is a multiple award winning collaboration with the Colorado Design Consortium (CDC).  See "Awards & Media" and "Our Story" for more about this project and JBDA-A's involvement with the CDC.
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